A new benchtop micro-XRF spectrometer, Bruker M4 TORNADO, was installed in 2018 in the laboratory facilities of the Geotalo, Turku. Micro-XRF is a powerful and fast tool for μm-scale geochemical analysis. Micro-XRF can be applied to a variety of geological sample sizes and types such as unpolished thin sections, rock blocks, epoxy impregnated lake sediments and biological materials. Although minimal sample preparation is needed for spot analyses, a flat, but not necessarily polished, surface is required for element maps and line scan analyses.

Fig. 1:
A) Fe distribution map of 10 epoxy samples (1.8mm thick) from
Lake Lehmilampi 100 μm pixel interval, 20ms/pix,time 9:26h
B) Details of Lehmilampi 15 mm interval and Si line scan, 20ms/pix, time 2:26h
Fig. 2:
Compilation map of Si, Cu and Zn of a unpolished thin sections and S, Ca and Mn distibution maps.
25 μm resolution, 20ms beam time, measure time 9h