Archaeological Sciences

Natural sciences are an integral part of archaeology and their utilization in the analysis of archaeological materials provides another venue for the study of the human past. In Turku these approaches vary widely and include statistical methods, osteological analyses of animal and human remains, archaeobotany, stable isotope analyses and DNA studies.

Ph.D. Auli Bläuer (UTU)

Academy Fellow Researcher. Research topics include zooarchaeology, history of animal husbandry and multisource studies.

Ph.D. Alf H. Lindroos (ÅAU)

Development of sample preparation procedures for radiocarbon dating of archaeological lime mortar and concrete.

Ph.D. Georges Kazan (UTU)

TIAS Collegium Research Fellow
I track down ancient relics use modern scientific analysis to unlock the data they contain about our shared past.

MA Aki Arponen (UTU)

Ph.D. Student
My multidisciplinary research focuses on the medieval skull relic with red silk damask in Turku Cathedral.

MA Joonas Kinnunen (UTU)

Ph.D. Student
I'm studying the Hanseatic over-sea trade in the Baltic sea region and the networks of the medieval merchants from archaeological material using the social network analysis (SNA) and statistical methods.

MA Mia Lempiäinen-Avci (UTU)

I am interested in archaeobotany i.e seeds and grains recovered from archaeological sites.

MA Anne-Mari Liira (UTU)

Primary research interests: human and animal bones (burned and unburned) in archaeological context.

MA Ulla Moilanen (UTU)

I use archaeothanatology in studying variations of burial customs in Early Medieval and Medieval Finland, deviant inhumation burials, and multiple burials.

MA Jussi Moisio (UTU)

Ph.D. Student
I study the Early Iron Age migrations in the Baltic Region by utilizing osteology, stable-isotope analyses and DNA analyses.

Sofia Paasikivi (UTU)

PH.D. Student