Archaeology is a multidisciplinary field for the studying the human past and in the University of Turku research is closely interlinked with other fields in the humanities, such as history. Teaching focuses on theoretical and methodological aspects of archaeology, and a heavy emphasis is placed on field work, such as archaeological excavations.

Ph.D. Georg Haggrén (UTU)

Professor of Archaeology
My research focuses on Historical archaeology, Urban archaeology, Castle studies, Medieval and early modern material culture (especially archaeology of glass).

Ph.D. Henrik Asplund (UTU)

University Research Fellow
Research interests: Prehistoric archaeology, archaeology of the Early Metal Period.

Ph.D. Janne Harjula (UTU)

University Teacher
My primary research interests are related to the material culture of the Middle Ages and later historical periods in Finland and the Baltic region.

MA Juha Ruohonen (UTU)

University Teacher
My research focuses on Late Iron Age, Medieval and Post-Medieval rural communities, especially to the study of christianisation process, organisation of the church and burial customs in Finland, Lapland and Karelia.

MA Riku Kauhanen (UTU)

Ph.D. Student
Studying the material remains and folklore regarding the campsites of so called "käpykaarti" ("pine cone guard" / "forest guard"), military deserters during Continuation War 1941–1944.

MA, MSc Jussi Kinnunen (UTU)

Ph.D. Student
My primary research interests are building and urban archaeology in the Middle Ages and the Late Iron Age in Finland and in the Baltic sea area. I am also geologist and I use GIS, 3D-modelling, UAV, TLS and geophysical research methods.

MA Heini Kirjavainen (UTU)

Ph.D. Student
My research focuses on archaeological textile material and fibre analysis of textile and fibre finds.

MA Ville Mantere (UTU)

Ph.D. Student
In my research I study the significance of the elk (Alces alces) in Northern Europe during the Stone Age and the Early Bronze Age.

MA Ulnor Uotila (UTU)

Ph.D. Student
My research considers the knowledge formation of the Late Iron Age burial practices and belief system in Finnish research tradition.