Fennoscandian Bedrock

Fennoscandian Bedrock focuses on the evolution, composition, structure and the resources within the crystalline bedrock of Fennoscandia. The research aims at improving the scientific understanding how the planet Earth works, but also provides a solid foundation for applications within e.g. mining and exploration, engineering and environmental control.

“Petroleum Experts Ltd (Petex) has donated 10 licences of the MOVE software suite, the commercial equivalent of which is £1,525561.89, to the University of Turku.”

Prof. Olav "Joffi" Eklund (ÅAU)

I am a petrologist with interests in the tectomagmatic evolution of the Fennoscandian shield and environmental mineralogy. Currently I am working with post-collisional metasomatism, carbonation of mafic silicates, mineral filters and graphite findings in the Fennoscandian shield.

Ph.D. Esa Heilimo (UTU)

Associate Professor (tenure track)
My main research interests are in the petrology and geochemistry of Precambrian plutonic rocks as well as modelling source components and possible geodynamic settings in which they have been formed. Additionally, I find the distinctive secular changes in crust and ore formations between Archean – Proterozoic transition in the geological record fascinating.

Ph.D. Pietari Skyttä (UTU)

Associate Professor (tenure track)
I am a structural geologist primarily interested in solving and modelling the geometry of the complexly deformed crystalline bedrock, and its evolution through time.

Ph.D Kaisa Nikkilä (ÅAU)

University teacher
My main research interests are structural geology, analog modeling and tectonics. Currently my research focuses on the structural analysis and tectonics of the Southern Finland migmatite complex.

Ph.D. Markku Väisänen (UTU)

University lecturer
Svecofennian Orogen, U-Pb age determination, geochemistry, structural geology, tectonics.

M.Sc. Jon Engström (ÅAU)

Ph.D. student / Senior Specialist, GTK
Research topic: Structural geology and ductile deformation in SW Finland – Implications for the tectonic setting and Paleoproterozoic crustal evolution during Svecofennian Orogeny.

M.Sc. Jaakko Kara (UTU)

Ph.D. student
I'm using geochemistry and recent developments in isotope geology to study the evolution of the Svecofennian orogen in southern Finland.

Timo Kilpeläinen (UTU)

Senior lecturer
I am focusing on teaching, giving basic geology courses and advanced courses in structural geology and metamorphic petrology.

M.Sc. Tuomas Kauti (UTU)

Ph.D. student
3D-modelling and structural study of the diabase dyke network of the Archean Siilinjärvi carbonatite complex in eastern Finland.

M.Sc. Eemi Ruuska (UTU)

Ph.D. student
Structural geology and 3D-modelling. Current research focuses on structural analysis of the bedrock linked to deep-lying glacifluvial aquifers in Kurikka, western Finland.

M.Sc. Evgenia Salin (UTU)

Ph.D. student
The purpose of my research is to determine boundaries of the Precambrian crustal units below Gotland, Öland and the adjacent Baltic Sea area between southeastern Sweden and Lithuania/Poland based on petrological, geochemical and isotopic studies.

M.Sc. Anna Saukko (ÅAU)

Ph.D. student
I research migmatites and related granites in southern Finland, combining igneous and metamorphic petrology.