Quaternary Sediments

Quaternary Sediments are studied to understand past and future climatic and environmental changes using sediments in terrestrial, lacustrine and marine environments. The investigated glacial and high-resolution lake and marine sedimentary records in Finland and worldwide provide information of both natural variations and human impact on the environment.

Ph.D. Timo Saarinen (UTU)

Professor of Quaternary geology
My research interests: lake and marine sediments, physical and chemical methods, Holocene environmental and climate changes.

Ph.D. Matti E. Räsänen (UTU)

Sequence stratigraphic, sedimentologic and paleoenvironmental research in the Quaternary glacial deposits in Scandinavia and the Cenozoic deposits in Amazonian basin.

Ph.D. Saija Saarni (UTU)

Postdoctoral researcher
My research focuses on lacustrine and marine sediments covering past and recent environmental changes including climatic variability and plastic pollution.

Ph.D. Eeva Haltia (UTU)

Postdoctoral researcher
Varved sediments, sediment chronology, paleomagnetism, environmental magnetism, climatic and environmental change

M.Sc. Mira Tammelin (UTU)

Ph.D. student
The main focus of my paleolimnological research is how geology affects the natural nutrient concentrations of boreal lakes and the responses of different lake types to human disturbance.

M.Sc. Sarianna Salminen (UTU)

Ph.D. student
Focusing on varve preservation and spatiotemporal hypoxia oscillation in lakes. What triggers varve preservation and hypoxia oscillation?

M.Sc. Karoliina Kehusmaa (UTU)

Ph.D. student
I'm studying the evolution and effects of mine water induced permanent stratification (meromixis) in two boreal lakes.